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Exceptionally great. Important. Unique. Special is something to strive for. The ultimate compliment. A word we can all hope to be called. not for the things we cannot do. But for all the things that we can.

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Special is the ultimate compliment to describe once-in-a-lifetime players, epic moments of teamwork, and extraordinary plays. Join athletes and allies in reclaiming the word with a limited-edition sweatshirt that defines its true meaning. All proceeds support the Special Olympics mission to celebrate those of all abilities and foster the acceptance and inclusion of all people.

Josh Olds modeling the I'm Special black sweatshirt.Black I'm Special sweatshirt on a concrete backgroundThe back of the I'm Special sweatshirtMadison Madory modeling the I'm Special sweatshirtJosh Olds modeling the I'm Special black sweatshirt.

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Special Olympics offers many ways to take part. The first step to getting involved—whether you want to be an athlete, Unified partner, coach, or volunteer—is to connect with your local program for more details.